April, the 22nd

"Medis" and "estemenereras" (ribs) are finished

At last, we are relieved, the work on the medis, estemeneras, and cinta ( belt) is finished and the hull is now out of danger. The wood, burnt or simply licked by the fire was falling apart, and we feared  the boat would simply collapse.




The Buzardas at the prow and stem are set into place.

Bolted through the belt and fork in the front and rear, the BUZARDA holds together all the different pieces in the stem and prow. The work on the ribs is over.



The "popa" (stem)

On top of the belt, ending on the stem, one can see the "DEFENSA", another piece of wood that goes all around the ship, thus protecting and strengthening the upper part of the hull. It is typical of the Sardinal of northern Catalogne.



More details...

On the right the "DEFENSA", in the middle, the top of the ribs, on the left a strong piece of support  holds the "BOAS D’ARBORAR", on which the mast will lean. It makes a 17° angle upright.



May, the 20th 2004 : deck's work started

The "bao d'arborar" is the large piece on which is leaning the mast. It is made of three  oak ""baos" bolted together and tightened on the "defensa" and the "contubal". It ensure the solidity of the hull.

On this picture, taken from the front, one can see the carpenter's work. The two first "baos"  have been set in place. Starting from the second one, forward, will  be opened the first pannel leading to the fore hold. 



June, the 28th 2004: The deck is finished up to the stern.

Notice the opening for the hold hatch.  The man's hole for steering is not marked yet. 



Coming out of its shell…

On this view, the elegance of these fishing ships is obvious. The BONAFOS shipyard was famous for the quality of their shipbuilding.  They combined performance, sturdiness and beauty, confirming the popular  saying " a good ship is first of all  a beautiful ship". Notice the important curve of the deck that stands for the heavy rolling the ship could bear.



 The trobada on July, the 5th 2004.

On July the 5th a trobada (meeting) of Latin sails ships was organized by the association The friends of the “ Notre Dame de Consolation “ (Another sardinal).  Many crewmembers were present and we attended the blessing of a fresh water boat restored by the Council of the Pyrénées Orientales. First step of the future restoration shipyard  forecasted in Paulilles.

A tee-shirt for the President !

On this occasion, A tee-shirt of the association was handed over to Christian Bourquin, president of the Council of the Pyrénées Orientales, to thank him for the support granted to our restoration.



October, the 20th : The  stem « marsouin » is dismantled.

We discover that such a part is mounted on these ships. Common upon the sardinals  built in Northern Catalonia, it ensures  tightness between the keel and the counter stem. Yves Bernadou holds the part.  Notice the notches for the ribs .

The new Marsouin is set in place.

The part allows the stem and the keel bear the heavy strain undergone when the ship is hauled on the beach , using peaces of lumber called “pals” as a slipway.

An odd visitor !

On October the 20th we had the visit of Vicenç GIRODEAU: son of Isabelle and Gildas, grandson of Pierre and Odette, Jacques and Jacqueline, nephew of Veronique… Very interested by all the details, he asked a lot of questions to Yves Bernadou the shipyarder ( Areuh, Tita, Bombe…) and ended by a sound full BAYO, showing Ideal, which presumably means boat. Quite a relief: she looks like a boat!



On October, 29th the « enramada » is almost finished.

The carpentry work is almost over. This complex phase of assembling and reassembling is about to come to an end. All the ribs, deck supports and counter ribs are all set and the fitting pieces as stem and counter stem and “marsouin” are in place.

An interior view:

On this amazing view one can notice that the « paramola » has been dismounted. ( Huge piece of wood bolted on the counter ribs and into the keel).

A rear view

The fine and elegant shape can be noticed. The sardinals, and especially those of the BONAFOS shipyard, are really magnificent sailboats. The planking, third phase after the lengthy preparation of oak wood and the “enramada” (carpentry work) is about to start.



November 22nd, a dramatic turn of events.

The gendarmerie has arrested the perpetrators of the arson on IDEAL. Two young men reckoned they have put the fire  to escape of boredom… It is out of the persistence of constable CATHALA, who was about to retire, that the case has been solved. Like he says, “He wanted to end up with the feeling of having been useful”, congratulations, Mister CATHALA, and thank you very much: it is for me, a relief.  


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